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Opened on:Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 16:15
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I tried to open foldit and cannot connect to server.
There is the message:

problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?): Error contacting server.

Is this a problem of my machine or the foldit servers in general?

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okay I fixed the problem. It was my machine. After a crash the date was set to 1980, after changing this everything worked fine.

can be closed

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Today i got exactly the same error message. Yesterday everything worked fine.
I got the new update and i have folded a long time.
After starting my computer today i get this errormessage.
The date of my computer is fine, so it's another reason that causes the problem.

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opened it again because the solution given above is not a solution for me. It seems like the problem is somewhere else.

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It seems to be a problem for everyone, so I upped the priority

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I've got the same error message too today:
problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?): Error contacting server

the client is up to date, the computer date and clock are correct, reboot, reinstall the foldit client did not help.
The client worked fine at the afternoon, I closed all my clients and turned it off for a while. When at the evening I wanted to start again I got the error message.
I am not able to login anymore, and just versat82, I could not resolve it on my own (still trying).

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This is the dame issue as feedback "Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates. Error contacting server.".

Please also be aware:

DO NOT CHANGE THE DATE to bypass this issue,

it may very likely DISQUALIFY you from the open puzzles. This has likely happened to me.

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tried to up priority as well.

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Same here - I could not start foldit and login to the server...

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Hi All!
1st greetings from Hungary with the very same message.

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The website is not updating the scores for any puzzle.

# 545 expires at 5:00 AM, today, University of Washington time. I am certain this issue won't be resolved before then. Is the deadline for that puzzle being extended until after the problem is fixed? I jumped a few ranks, overnight, and don't want to not be credited for it.

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Same message...

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FYI, I never closed my client, but my score was 15 points higher at puzzle close than what i was awarded. I started the puzzle 3 hours before the web server cert expired (I assume the game server is using a similar cert? )

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Because no scores can be recorded now, this might be a good time to post the score fix update.
With of course an extention of running puzzles so that everyone can get his best in.
(And maybe also the fix for the handle leak which might be the cause of some of the hanging problems)

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Same message and all clients stopped responding.

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Same problem here. Problem started after power failure. Date and time are OK. Solution please.

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Getting withdrawal symptoms now, any news on the server/cert prob?

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same message - guess the devs decided they don't need us to study after all

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It is middle of the night for them...

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Yes, if it's 13:53 GMT, that's 06:53 (6:53am) where they are. Not a fun thing to wake up to!

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All, the issue is understood and the issue is global.

- Scores are not updating on the server, local clients are still running and scoring.
- New clients cannot log on due to the certificate expiration
- New clients COULD log on if the date is set back by a few days, but this will likely void your running client's scores. So for your own sake, do not do this. Also, old puzzles will show up as 'expired' when starting new clients this way.

It is advised to leave your clients running, not change puzzles and wait for the certificate issue to be resolved. Most likely the score you have on your client will show up on the website as soon as the certificate is updated.

Please do not add your 'me too' posts unless there is significant technical news to report.

The problem has been reported to Seth Cooper by mail this morning CET by myself and I'm sure they will fix it as soon as possible. Please be patient, we're all in the same boat.


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The cert has been updated, but, is now in pending status...

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and please this is a post about the bug when your machine has a time problem.
there is another one open for this issue today, i and my mailbox thank you very much :)

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motty!!motty!!motty!!! just to fill up your mailbox....

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same problem today

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If there's an issue that can be tagged as priority zero, this is it... (same problem here)

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I really hope we will have this resolved soon, and more importantly: make sure it does not happen again.
We will post updates here:

I can extend the puzzle deadlines for current puzzles, and will look into the puzzle that closed early this morning.

We greatly apologize for this issue... it really should never have occurred.

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The security certificate problems should be resolved and the game should be back online now.

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Everything should be back up now (and this problem shouldn't occur for at least 2 years, when it expires next time ;-)

Thanks for your patience.

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[applauds the hard work of the FoldIt dev team]

Seriously. Thank you.

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Well...I've the same problem. I downloaded it, instelled it, registered to the site, tried to login with the client and the ssl error showed up.

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Please help me. I want to help science playing!

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Ok, sorry for the triple post but I couldn't edit the others. I just solve the problem, it was the new Eset Smart Security's the second times it give me problems with ssl.

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what the hell is that bug. Hmmmmmm...


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