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There are few tips how to create good feedbacks:

  1. Search. B4 you post new feedback look that maybe someone report it already. This game is rolling form over 3 years and have thousands of players, you may not be first :)
  2. Choose title wisely. "Help!", "It is not working!" or "I have a idea" are not good ones.
  3. Describe problem. When, where, what you do. Add your system parameters: OS system, processor, ram.
  4. Choose topic correctly. "Crash/hang" are not "Game/tools". If unsure leave "General".
  5. Do not set priority "1". This is reserved by devs when it is massive bug. "3" is good enough.
  6. Choose type correctly. "Bug" is not "Suggestion" and "Feature" is far from "Copyedit".
  7. Attach screen shot. If you see something "weird" use save to desktop feature then attach this file to feedback.
  8. Attach log.txt file. If foldit crashes there are some important information saved in most cases. No need to attach full file, last 20-50 lines in .txt attachment is good enough.

We have over 700 opened cases atm. It is very probably you not need to open new one. Just find similar and add own post.

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Where to find the log.txt file:

The data files are in different places depending on your OS:

on Windows:
if you installed after 8/23/2011, they will be in your installation directory (the default is C:\Program Files\Foldit\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Foldit\)
if you installed prior to 8/23/2011:
on Windows XP at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Foldit\
on Windows 7 and Vista at C:\ProgramData\Foldit\
on a Mac, Ctrl-click on the app and choose "Show Package Contents, then go to Contents/Resources
on Linux, is is the Foldit directory

THERE IS VERY LITTLE CHANCE WE CAN DIAGNOSE YOUR CRASH WITHOUT YOUR log.txt FILE! - and make sure not to relaunch Foldit before sending us the end of your log.txt file (since it will get overwritten).

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if you post before you are ready you can close it

Sometimes people, for whatever reason, post and then realise that they are in error, a simple way to fix this is to close the 'bad' post immediately and start a new one, copying your previous post.

This is of course only relevant if you are the post creator.

To close a post simply select Closed from the drop down menu.

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Case information: how to choose it right

General - if not fit anything below
Biochem - bio/chem realted trouble, mostly puzzle configuration: missing atoms, odd shape, etc.
Crash/Hang - any explanation is need? ;]
Developer Preview - feedback related to current dev client
Game: Display - any display related topics: strange colors, shapes, blinking disc etc.
Game: Other - any other game client related topic
Game: Social - chat, buddies, ranking related topic
Game: Tools - wiggle, shake, rebuild and all other tools we have
Server - server topics: forum, login, PMs, IRC

Bug - you think you found a bug in client... maybe it is feature? :P
Feature - new/proposed features to include in next client releases
Copyedit - typos everytwhere....
Suggestion - have a suggestion? Use this type.
Question - unsure about something? Use forum or this feedback type.

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Make a video! (windows users)

Region: window
Options: do not record audio
Options: Video options: Compressor: Xvid

After pressing "record" button it will ask to click on widow you want to capture.
If it shows error "video codec.... something" try to change foldit window size by 1-3 pixel/s up/down or left/right. Xvid need 4x4 dimensions to work properly.

You can use lossless codec instead if Xvid but output video will be HUGE and you will not send it to YT :)
On older machines you HAVE to use lossless codec and then recode video - not all machines can code video and run foldit simultaneously...


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