disable the rank up and rank down

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what about having the option to disable the rank up and rank down arrows.

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Yeah, or at least an option get them out of the way, when I'm working on something having huge red flashing errows [sic] right in the center of the screen does more to promote rage-quits than pretty much anything else I can think of.

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It can be done for scripts, but it should be done for normal play too.
Entire OSD (bonds, clashes etc).

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If it can be done for scripts, then it should be available for everyone

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please read Rav's excellent post about posting good feedback - 'What' in the title is not helpful.

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spmm, I dont need to read anyones post, thank you.

Due to the lack of editing facilities etc I wasnt able to do anything about the cat sitting on the keyboard when I was doing the posting.
It actually sent it instead of previewing it
You comment adds nothing whatsoever to this suggestion.

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I fixed the title... that could be another feedback in itself (why you aren't able to edit posts... at least in the next minute after you post it!)

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Thanks beta!

I think there was a feedback done awhile back..but little came of it..ill see if i can find it and bump it

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we can add this to the disable tooltips checkbox (so if you check this it'll do both), sound good?

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sounds brilliant thanks!

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When I do want the ranking messages, I'd really like to separate the individual messages from the team messages. Maybe a different color for team up/down messages.

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Yes, I would like the distinction as well.

"Team Rank Up" "Solo Rank Up"

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The "Tooltips" option now also controls the rank popups.

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This change has gone out in the most recent update, the "Tooltips/Popups" option will control rank popups.


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