Script hanging at Load Secondary Structure

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Topic:Game: Tools
Opened by:Schleicher
Opened on:Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 21:39
Last modified:Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 00:55

In puzzle 503 the scripts are hanging at the Load Secondary Structure function.
It doesn't matter if it's a v1 or a v2 script.
There's no problem in other puzzles.

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Oh, forgot to say:
Only sometimes, not every time, I think

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Did your client crash? Or you force closed it?

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No crash. I can cancel the script. I have tried Loop Rebuild 2.0 and Loop Rebuild V2 1.2, both scripts just don't continue when they come to the Load SS call.

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hey Schleicher, please check your PMs on the foldit website

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I noted this exact same problem running Loop Rebuild 2.0 on the Scorpion Toxin puzzle. According to the command printer, that was the last builtin function call. It did this 100% of the times I tried to run it for the duration of the puzzle. Unfortunately, I reinstalled FoldIt and lost the puzzle, so when I started scripting I wasn't able to see exactly where it was hanging. I haven't seen it since that puzzle though.

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It's happening again with Puzzle 525.
Script freezing at Load Secondary Structure.

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It's freezing every time after rebuilding segments 29-31 or 30-32 or 31-33.
Seems to work fine every other time.

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Looks like this is happening only in small puzzles.
Puzzle 574 for example.
Doesn't happen in the bigger ones.


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