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I am in the process of releasing new versions of all of my scripts.

The new versions of all of my scripts are rewritten in Lua V2. The main difference is that now the scripts start by showing a dialog that allows you to customize the parameters that drive the script. In most cases, you can just click the "Start" button and get the same functionality as before, but you can now customize the script in many ways, usually by adjusting sliders.

Lua V2 allowed me to simplify my scripts somewhat, in that I can use the Lua libraries rather than my own code. Among the advantages are that I no longer need a random number generator, for example.

I have also released a major new script, "tlaloc Rebuilder". This script rebuilds the worst performing segments in a protein.

Because Lua V2 is different than V1, the voting on the previous versions of my scripts does not carry over to the new ones. Even if you have voted for my scripts before, please vote for these scripts.

You can find my scripts by clicking on Recipes at the top of this web page, then searching for "tlaloc". All of the new scripts will have a version number of 4.00 or greater. For the time being, the 3.00 Lua V1 scripts will continue to be available. They may be removed at a later date, but you can consider them obsolete once a 4.00 script with the same name is available.

I will likely be making minor tweaks to the scripts in upcoming weeks, so watch the version numbers, and re-download the scripts when they change.


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