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Being a 3D artist I know a thing or two about manipulating 3d objects and workflow so here are my suggestions:

-A dark grey or black background option so that when working on a puzzle for hours the user's eyes don't strain.

- Visible move and rotate gizmos like in 3ds max or maya. This way the user will have a better Idea about the axes that the user is rotating or moving the object on. Here is a link for an example:

-I find the zooming in and out function is too slow and in the wrong direction on the mouse wheel.

-More viewports like top and left views would help us with precision

- Lastly a home grid so we know where we are in cyberspace.

If you would Like to pick my brain about 3d UI I would be happy to help.

Keep up the good work
Kevin Manthe

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there is the option of a dark background already

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Awesome! how can I activate it?

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In the game client click on "menu" then "general options".
there you can select "show advanced GUI"
Under "view" you will have a range of options where you can customise your game a bit.

Advanced GUI is only available when you have done the tutorial puzzles.

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I don't think this deserves a new thread, and it fits with all of the above. As a new user, I would like to add that the manipulation of viewing angle is somewhat confusing and tedious, compared to 3d modelling programs.

Firstly; I would like to see a mouse sensitivity option.

Personally, I would like the rotation to be at least 2x as fast, that is, currently I can only rotate the protein through 180° at most, dragging the mouse from far left to far right on the screen. I would like the protein to be able to go through at least 360°. Preferably a little more, perhaps 540° and a similar amount vertically. This allows me to quickly get the protein to the view I want.

I also have a habit when working in 3d programs to fling the object around a fair bit to be able to grasp the model in my head, which is difficult to do when I can only move it very slowly.

Secondly; Rotation mode should hold until the mouse is released.

I like being able to rotate the model about the viewing axis by dragging near the top and bottom of the screen. However, I don't like that this rotates the model twice as fast as rotating about the other two axes, and I don't like that rotation switches modes when I accidentally drag the cursor into or out of this area.

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Possibility to make 3D view like in 3dmax or something was posted many times b4... looks like i need make all of them to duplicate status.


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