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Opened on:Friday, January 6, 2012 - 13:52
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This idea might sound absurd at first, but if bots are here to stay in Foldit's in-game chat, then maybe those bots that serve only the interests of individuals could be placed into a "bot channel". This will prevent the input to bots, and output from bots, from being shown to everyone using the in-game chat boxes.

The existing "gringer_irssi" bot would fit into this category. If a user wishes to make use of this bot (and other individual use bots), they could do so within the "bot channel", without disrupting other people's in-game chat box experience.

If the Foldit project management decides to implement a policy that restricts the use of bots, this suggestion will likely be closed by myself.

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I'm becoming unnecessarily disheartened by the constant barrage of negativity that currently exists within the Foldit community, both in Feedback, and in chat. If this keeps up, the community may eventually fall at it's own peril.

The Bot Chat Channel idea came about, after noticing people's passion either for, or against, bots. I am trying to take both sides into account. Before anyone else down-votes this idea because they don't like it, please at least consider an alternative to what can be done to solve the issue, and post your suggestion for the benefit of the community.

For those of you who do contribute positively to the community, use rational thought, and don't vote down people's suggestions at the slightest sign that they are either confusing, counter-constructive, or both, then I salute you. You are the kind that this community needs.

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We have nice "/ignore" option in chat. If we not like/want to see any1 just use it :)
/ignore rav3n_pl

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Tristan,a level of negativity has always existed.

Gather a diverse range of people from throughout the world, all competing against one another and you tend to get a degree of adversity.

All of them at some point, do positive contributions..and at other times not.
Its called human nature.

With respect to your idea, it wont alleviate some peoples feelings regarding security issues. It is probably why it is getting voted down.

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Thanks for your replies.

I wouldn't ignore you, Rav3n. You're one of the Foldit community's finest individuals. :P

Tealight, you make a good point. It's just unfortunate that negativity exists within this community, as it is generally counter-productive, and disheartens those who are trying to make a difference for the better.

In regards to the bot problem, while the idea doesn't solve the problem outright, it is something that could at least alleviate the situation. I believe that Brick's current argument stems from his apparent hatred for bots, and is trying to use his view on security, to support his initial argument to have them removed. Feel free to dispute this assumption. - see No more bots! feedback item

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Yeah I have seen that feedback.
While I can see why he takes the stance he has, I personally believe its a slightly hysterical one.

I have to concede I find the gringer bot useless and pointless, but can see merit in the url one.

Having said that, I would imagine the devs have so much to do, that creating another channel wouldnt even be on their radar.
Also if it was on a separate channel it may even make it more vulnerable to security issues, as it would not be visible to people unless they went to the channel

As for the negativity, some of the players have a history going back to foldits inception.
Competition doesnt always generate a positive environment
So a degree of negativity is bound to be around as long as the game is.

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It's obviously not going to happen...


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