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501: Local Refinement Puzzle 1
Status: Closed


Name: 501: Local Refinement Puzzle 1
Status: Closed
Created: 01/04/2012
Points: 0
Expired: 01/11/2012 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: *This puzzle has been taken down due to a bug. It will be reposted at a future date with the ability to load in solutions* In local refinement puzzles, your job is to find the region of the protein that needs the most work and improve that region to get the top score. You can choose which area you want to work on by going through the different starts of the puzzle (there are 10 starts in all, and you may access these by resetting the puzzle, which will give you the next start).
Categories: Overall, Prediction

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This puzzle is MULTISTART. It should be placed in puzzle name :)
Different starts have different places to work on.

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This puzzle has major bug

Please see the feedback here:


"After resetting the puzzle (puzzle 501) to get to the start where segment 29-60 were unfrozen, the cutpoints weren't placed at the ends of the unfrozen segments. Instead they were placed between segment 56-57 and between segment 70-71 (possibly the ends of the unfrozen segments of another start?)."

Picture that tokens posted in global:


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facts about the 10 starts

Name....... fr segs init score #free segs
----------- ------- ---------- --------
Structure 1 1-8 10386.843 8
Structure 2 4-22 10372.131 19
Structure 3 19-40 10317.355 22
Structure 4 29-60 10345.150 32
Structure 5 57-70 10423.635 14
Structure 6 64-80 10406.418 17
Structure 7 76-91 10389.112 16
Structure 8 85-100 10388.804 16
Structure 9 96-103 10394.065 8
Structure10 104-119 10420.255 16

To see which start you are working on, mouse-over+Tab the first and last free segments and compare with seg #s of the free segments in above table.

Hint: on resetting the puzzle start a new track so your efforts in different starts don't over-write each other. Be aware that if you are under 10421 in a track when you do a reset you may erase the work in **that** track as well, so don't reset from a low-scoring track with work you want to preserve.

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oops! 10424 not 10421

misread the table, of course the best start is structure 5 at 10423 so any track under 10424 is at risk on a reset

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