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Does Fold-it support 64-bit win7 and multiple cpu's and multiple gpu's?
I mean 64-bit operating systems handling of 64-bits at a time.

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FolDit and Seven 64 bit OS

Thank you for this question which is not a new one but does not have always the same answer: If you take time to read topics on this forum you will find people saying there is no problem running Foldit on Seven 64 bit OS. But you will also find people having problems and no more answer:

I am presently testing to run foldit on my daughter's new PC (Processor Intel i7 2600 CPU 3.4 Ghz and Windows seven 64 bits OS)

It seems to run well at the beginning but I have the Following problem which is not yet solved.

During the start of the game, a warning message is given: "unable to write Output"

During the 32 tutorial's steps at the launch, I am blocked at the 12 th step because the result of that step is not taken into account by the application: If by chance after multiple tries I succeed going to the 15th step, a warning message says that foldit encountered a problem and must end the game.

I assume there is perhaps a problem of drivers.

I will verify this point and report when it is done. If anybody has the answer, thank's in advance.

I have no informations for other GPu's


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Foldit GPU usage is almost none atm. I t is used only for display, not for calculations.
For CPU: client is using up to 3 active threads. When it is visible one thread eat 100% of cpu only for display (even if we do NOTHING). When wiggle/shake or anything up to 2 other threads are fired up, where one eats 100% of cpu, and second up to 25%. When minimized up to 2 active "working" threads are up (gui one is dormant).
For w7 64: I use it. I have no troubles at all from long time. Crashes can be provided by broken video driver: update to latest available ati/nvidia ones.
Also try run client in administrative rights if any troubles, or reinstall in another that "program files" directory.
Foldit is 32bit program.


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