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A small disappointment (or bug?)

There seems to be no way to rebuild sections by hand that include a blue band, although scripts are able to do so.

It appears that you can only hand build within a blue banded section.

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rebuild is very dodgy

I can't personally see any advantage in having to use the move tool because it doesn't work in 3D just spins and is so sensitive there is little feel to it for me anyway. Ok for right click and moving things.

Is the assumption here that each segment is already perfection and just needs to be put together 'just so'' like an engineering puzzle? The long tail - the move point is not a the mid point and any attempt use rebuild to let it show you some options of where it might want to be all include ruining the helix.

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This is almost that, what I suggest :)

There is few things that are killing joy:
- constrains should only kill the score, not pulling
- blue bands are not need, constrains are enough to show join points
- wiggle/pull lock is present in very odd way: helix is bending badly when wiggle on longer constrains

I think, that we should have more flexible/ignorable loops in this type of puzzles. We can arrange structures then enable loops and work on best connection between structures.
my 5 cents ;]

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