Separate Section/Categories for Recipes Based on Type on the Website

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I think that it would be incredibly beneficial and time saving if the website had a few “sections” based on the type of recipe that one is looking for. Mostly, I thought of this because of all of the recipes that have the intention only of teaching others how to script or tutorials of some kind are rather annoying and also quite numerous. It would be awesome if they had their own section, though I realize this requires a bit of work.

It would also probably be a good idea to separate into various other sections as well.
Perhaps one for each puzzle-type, a tutorial section, a general/other section (perhaps an archive section {and sub-sections} for outdated recipes)? This could be done with either user inserted tags (which would be highly inefficient due to lack of conformity and allowing for an effectively infinite number of categories, in my opinion) or a better option could be to have the creator select which section to place the recipe in upon creation/posting to the website?

I am aware that this requires a bit of site-remodeling and retroactively sorting scripts may be difficult/not possible. However, I think the benefit of this for any type of user would be great enough to be worth it. Having more organization just plain makes sense to me. It would improve your search engine, allow for better/more link-possibilities in the wiki, and it would tidy the site up too.


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