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I am having major difficulties trying to convert one of my GUI recipes, to either a V1 or V2 LUA script. The recipe relies upon the "Local Wiggle Sequence" ingredient, but I don't know what the equivalent of the ingredient is in the library of LUA functions for Foldit.

If there is an equivalent, could you please let us know exactly what the equivalent is?
(all the functions involved, a certain number of iterations per function, etc.)

If there isn't, will there be an equivalent for the Local Wiggle Sequence in the coming weeks?

Thanks in advance.

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See my V1 in V2 library script:

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Thanks for your reply, Rav3n_pl. I wasn't expecting a reply that quickly!
However, I don't think you understood what I was getting at in my post. I don't need to convert from a V1 script to a V2 script.

It's probably been a very long time since you did anything with the GUI version of recipe making, but that's what I need to do; to convert a GUI recipe to a script (manually typing the automated equivalents of GUI recipe "ingredients" to LUA script functions - either V1 or V2).

I was hoping to eventually improve the recipe's efficiency this way.

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Ah, sorry, misunderstood :)
GUI ones are in some cases superior over LUA. GUI walkers tends to make more points than LUA ones doing exact same things/algo.
See: http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Lua_Scripting

void do_local_wiggle([integer iterations])
Run local wiggle. Run for 'iterations' iterations if given; otherwise, until stopped.

You need select parts you want to wiggle.
"typical" freezing+lws:


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Yeah, I have already tried the method you have posted, but it definitely does not work properly, as it brings the score down; a stark contrast to what the GUI version currently does.
Also, it happens with Clashing Importance set to 1.0, so it's not that...

I suspect that this problem is why Kuwaga built the Kuwaga Repeat Settle recipe in the way that he did. Might have to wait for the devs to explain what's going on...

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That is one of GUI advantages: LWS on ci=1 ALWAYS makes points or nothing at all.
See my Worm LWS, Precise LWS or Total LWS to see how I handle "dropping points" LWS.


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