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Dear Foldit players,

For a long time there has been interest in Foldit t-shirts and accessories, but none of us here at UW had time to work on this (since it would delay addressing the many feedbacks even more!). Thankfully, auntdeen volunteered her talents and time into setting this up for us!

For now, it's a limited first edition with just the official logo.

This Foldit store is a BIG THANK YOU to the amazing community of Foldit players that we have, so all items will be sold at cost, with no profit.

Here's a list of the international websites:
USA www.zazzle.com/foldit
Canada - www.zazzle.ca/foldit
Brazil - www.zazzle.br/foldit
Australia - www.zazzle.com.au/foldit
New Zealand - www.zazzle.co.nz/foldit
Japan - www.zazzle.co.jp/foldit
Korea - www.zazzle.co.kr/foldit
UK - www.zazzle.co.uk/foldit
Switzerland - www.zazzle.ch/foldit
Germany - www.zazzle.de/foldit
Spain - www.zazzle.es/foldit
Sweden - www.zazzle.se/foldit
France - www.zazzle.fr/foldit
Belgium - www.zazzle.be/foldit
Austria - www.zazzle.at/foldit
Portugal - www.zazzle.pt/foldit
Netherlands - www.zazzle.nl/foldit

Many of these items can be easily personalized, so you can put your nicks on most items! :-)

A HUGE thank you to auntdeen for getting this up and running, she did all of this herself... so if you have any questions/suggestions/requests, they better start with "Thank you auntdeen!" or I will delete them ;-)

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Color codes for personalizing

If you want to match either of the greens to personalize, here are the hex numbers (just click on the color box for the text, look for the #number at bottom right):

Normal foldit bright green - #83B13B

Darker green - #517916

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Until the store resolves...

The links above are to the USA website - to see the merchandise in your country's website, look at your country code above - then click on the item. Change the zazzle.com to your country's code.

Example: for New Zealand and a mug - use the http://www.zazzle.com/foldit_mug-168015850366445046 -
and change it to http://www.zazzle.co.nz/foldit_mug-168015850366445046

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Well done

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New design

Although the great foldit crash of 2013 is something we'd all like to forget, it made for a great teeshirt, lol.

Go to the Foldit Zazzle shop here: http://www.zazzle.com/foldit

Or direct link to the new teeshirt: http://www.zazzle.com/the_great_foldit_crash_of_2013_t_shirt-235894766725469681

Or direct link to the new mug: http://www.zazzle.com/the_great_foldit_crash_of_2013_coffee_mugs-168515732830214728

If you are not in the USA, see original post for your country Zazzle website.

And if you see a product in the Zazzle store that you would like one of the Foldit designs to be offered on, just pm me, just takes me a few minutes to get that done :-)

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That's cool

The store looks great, but it'd be nice if there's some variation in the T-shirts, for example, not just white background and green letters, but also green background and white letters. Or the FoldIt logo on the front and the word FoldIt on the back. Things like that.

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How about Philippines?

It is so nice!!!
Since I can't order it here from here, can I make my own?


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