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PLEASE make the output window wider or scrollable re width. Many of my scripting efforts are stymied by losing the last letters of an error message off the window to the right

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If the horizontal scroll bar on the output window worked correctly we would be able to read long error messages. Maybe the scroll bar could be fixed?

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How about a copy to clipboard button?
Then, we could at least copy the text of the output box and paste it to a text editor with a variable window.
Or, store the text output in a temporary file, then you don't have to cope with window problems.

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Oh, sorry!
I just found out that the program DOES store the text from the output window:

As rav3n_pl said:
"you can read entire output (from script start to current) in foldit directory (until you run next script).
Filename is: scriptlog.default.xml (scriptlog.trackname.xml)"

Error messages are stored there, too.

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Noted, if we get around to updating the UI to be resizable this will be fixed.

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