Foldit sub-groups for CASP ROLL

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In addition to the main Foldit CASP group register some Foldit sub-groups for CASP ROLL (for example one sub-group for each of the top5 teams and/or one for 2-3 top10 teams, one for all the other teams and one for all the players not in any team)

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For those who are unfamiliar with the new CASP ROLL:

This is a great suggestion Madde. We'll have to see how many targets they release at a time for CASP ROLL (and how big they are, ie can they all be posted as Foldit puzzles) but as long as there aren't too many of these, I don't see why each Foldit group that wants to participate can't have their own CASP entry.

This would only require a little bit more time on my part, but as long as a representative from each Foldit group was willing to submit their own models to CASP (once we figure out the best way to do that) then it should work.

I just hope it'll be ~1 CASP ROLL target per week MAXIMUM and not 1 every few days!

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I have registered FOLDIT as our main group for CASP ROLL.
This group will submit the top-scoring Foldit predictions (from different Foldit teams) for each CASP ROLL target.

If you would like your Foldit team to have their own CASP ROLL group (as suggested by Madde in this feedback), you may register your own Foldit team on the CASP website, but please KEEP THIS IN MIND:

This is will require submitting CASP targets for ALL CASP ROLL targets that are posted as Foldit puzzles (there will probably be some targets that are too big for Foldit) since the CASP assessors only analyze groups that submit predictions for MOST (if not all) targets, so Foldit is already at a disadvantage (if they post 500 residue targets again!).

If you decide to register your own Foldit team in CASP ROLL this will not change anything about which models we submit for the main FOLDIT CASP ROLL group, and you will be in charge of submitting your own predictions to the CASP website before the deadlines.

I will provide your group with your top Foldit predictions per player on your Foldit team so that you can decide which models you want to submit (but you will only be given the top-scoring model per player... I will not be able to find a particular solution you were working on earlier that got lost when you found a higher score later. I hope you understand that there is no way I will have the time for that during CASP!) I will, however, be able to give you the top-scoring solutions for each player FOR MULTIPLE Foldit puzzles per CASP ROLL target. So if we post 3 Foldit puzzles for a particular target, I can send you all the top solutions for each puzzle.

Anyway, for those of you interested in doing this (I promise you it will be a lot of work, so please don't just sign up for this if you aren't willing to follow through with it) please PM me for details on how to register (such as which category to select), and how to submit models.

Feel free to PM me if you have additional questions, or reply here if I was unclear about something.

Thanks, and let CASP ROLL begin!

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this has been implemented


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