Possible Rebuild tool optimization

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Opened by:scottyler89
Opened on:Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 06:04
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I noticed that when rebuilding a section with constraints, rebuilds that wildly violate the constraints are still considered (yet rarely used - because of the constraint modified boltzman factor). I'm guessing that this tool is a modification of the monte carlo method, but perhaps it might be more efficient, computationally, to eliminate GUI visualization of the least favorable conformations (unless it's one of the few times that a very unfavorable conformation is indeed randomly selected).

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In other words, I think there should be an "if" statement within the rebuild tool looking at the selected residues to look for constraints. If true - then GoTo the routine for constraint modified energy calculation, and use the constraint modified Energy for the B.F. calculation.

Does that make sense?


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