Make Puzzle Chat into Global Chat Channel

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Since puzzle chat is rarely used and global chat is often crowded, would it be more useful to make puzzle chat into global chat channel 2


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Good idea, maybe you could change it into a global help channel?

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if they rarely use it now, they wont just because it has a name change.

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It wouldn't be only a name change. For now the puzzle chat is divided into many sub-channels for each puzzle, even the <15 and <150 puzzles have their own channels. Due to the small number of players in there they're mostly abandoned. The only puzzle chat that is regularly used is the puzzle_levels channel (for the tutorials). So why not make this one globally available and call it Help chat?

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I second Madde's suggestion. Lump all the puzzle chat channels into one, accessible no matter what puzzle a player is working, including the tutorials.

It would make it easier for the newbies to flag people for help, since the likelihood of one of us old timers being in a <15 or <150 puzzle is close to zero. And it would assuage the grief felt by some members over the fact that global chat is often used for more than talking about the game.

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I agree with Madde & Boots.

By clearly labeling a channel "Help" it would encourage new people to ask questions, and that may help retain some newcomers.

That would also increase the availability of vets to answer questions for those newcomers in the tutorials, and the <15 & <150 puzzles - currently only those vets using external IRC can access those rooms.

The only downside that I can see is that during the recent publicity that brought thousands of newcomers here all at once, the <15 and the <150 rooms served a great purpose - that was where many newcomers forged acquaintances among themselves, and had the pleasure of being able to pass on their newly acquired information about the game to each other. I monitored those rooms when I had the time, and found that the rooms were actually being treated more like a group chat - many were passing along help, hints and encouragement. Some of our newest teams were born in those rooms.

It would be nice if we could retain that, but also have a channel clearly marked Help.

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...One Ring to bring them all... :P

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- New-comers Chat (or Welcome Chat)
- Help Chat
- Global Chat?

and wherever the elusive group chat is...

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the more channels the more fractured we become

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We will be shortly adding a "veteran" chat tab that will only appear for those who have played the game for a little while. In this way, global can still be used by new players to ask for help, and in general it should be easier for new players since there will be fewer chat tabs.

We are also considering removing the puzzle chats.

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Great. Though could you just make research public?

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*Meaning not external-IRC only

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What do you mean by "research"?

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There's an old IRC channel that was made that had something to do with wiki development, IIRC.

I can't see why that would need to be on everyone's in-game chat list, those that know about it must use a real IRC client.

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Here's a link to the background of #Research, it was Kimo's place. I'm surprised anyone still uses it.

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I think the term veteran is inappropriate, in common usage it implies military service or old.

As you only need 150 points to gain access to the 'veteran' chat room, my suggestion is to rename it to global (as it is moved over to main) and the old global becomes beginners. Which is what it is designed for.

Oxford English dictionary

a person who has had long experience in a particular field:a veteran of two world wars [as modifier]:a veteran left-wing MP

an ex-member of the armed forces:a Vietnam veteran


early 16th century: from French vétéran or Latin veteranus, from vetus 'old'


vet·er·an /ˈvetərən/


A person who has had long experience in a particular field, esp. military service: "a veteran of two world wars".



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I agree.

In any feedbacks I can recall, the channels requested were for global to stay global, and puzzle channels be merged into one "Help" channel.

Even the term "Novice" would be more descriptive of the <150 channel than current global becoming "Veteran".

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New players should have access and should able ask their questions in global in any language and any players can answer.
The new players don't ask so many questions. These days with many new ones, there are less than 10 questions on average by days.

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I do not think we can named "help" a room where many hours by days nobody is able to answer in english and almost never in the language of the game the player actually play. Some translations of Foldit have no support at all like spanish. Russian have difficulty to help in the chats...

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I have been assuming...

But perhaps erroneously, that when a newcomer makes their account, they are given the option of which language to use. If not, then it should be so.

After all these years, I see a clear difference in people who finish the tutorials, and those who don't. Once someone has finished them, the odds of that player staying are increased tremendously - and that's when they have questions that should be answered by any member of the community who has the expertise to do so (script, science, etc).

A "Help", "Novice", "Beginner", whatever channel that is accessible to all players ingame is a much better setup than "puzzle_levels" that is only accessible to external irc and ingame Tutorials. More players may participate in answering questions about the tutorials if it's easy to do so.

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What about using a system where new players are only helped by the "expert class" above them?
Only players with > 150 points have access to senior experts. You must learn by yourself (and the help of alumni and wiki) in order to gain the right to ask questions to the top players.

I see in global chat that many many times, veterans have to answer beginners simplistic questions over and over again. When the veterans exchange info there (e.g. when a puzzle expired), the beginners are lost.

A suggestion:

<15 pts players>:
-group chat (if member of a group)
-"beginners chat room"
here they can exchange what they want ("I'm new to this game. Me to, I tell you my life... i found the Wiki here etc") hoping that a junior experts, a beginner or a senior clone will answer basic questions.

<150 pts players>:
-group chat room (if member of a group)
-"junior chat room"
-"beginners chat room"

150 pts and <3000 pts in the Soloist Hall of Fame)>:
-group chat (if member of a group)
-"Senior chat room"
-"junior chat room"
(beginners chat room available if checked in the global settings)

3000 pts in the Soloist Hall of Fame)>:
-group chat (if member of a group)
-"Veteran chat room"
-"Senior chat room"
(junior and beginners chat room available if checked in the global settings)

As i am currently < 3000 in the Hall of Fame, I would find amazing to be admitted to a top club in the future, forever (then i can come back later with a view on the history of the game). These veterans would be a kind of top advisory board.

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Bruno, I think your suggestion is not in the spirit of this game as I like it.

Foldit need the great variety of players we have
- Some play all the puzzles, some play only some of them
- some use many hours of great recipes, some mostly hand fold,
- some are good on unstructured protein, some on design, some on aligning sheet with cutpoints...
As the tools always evolved and new ones can be very talented, I don't see a clear hierarchy in players.

I like that the global chat is open to all,
- curious who just come, make a few puzzles and quit, most of them don't talk on chat but see the exchanges, the pictures posted at the end of the puzzles...
- the real veterans, who begin years ago, some who come and go,
- the kernel from the 100 to 200 usual players who ask and answer, complain and rejoice ...

Answer to questions is not mandatory, at any stage. Most of the basic answers are in the wiki and few players can answer in some languages. In some hours, no answers is given.
I have no statistics but they are not so much beginner questions in a day and few questions about the end of the puzzles.
Some teenagers and spammers are annoying, ok, we (moderators) try to kick as soon as the situation is painful.


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