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Huge movement structure-settling scripts I like, these are good for the very start of the game where you are changing the structure still
- tlaloc Make Denovo 3.00 - destroys all structure
- rav3n's sss 1.0.3 - tries to guess where sheets/helixes go
- Lazystar's Helix Creator v2 - curls up parts marked as helices
- tlaloc Helixer 3.01 - curls up parts marked as helices

Big movement / mid game scripts I like:
- Helix Curler 1.6.2 fuze fix - this curls up helices just a little bit more than they're already curled
- Loop rebuild 2.0 - rebuilds very large sections
- GA Bands 2.6 - pulls with bands
- QuakeR 3.0 - pulls with bands
- Rav3n_pl Compressor v2.2 - pulls with bands
- tlaloc Hydrophobe 3.00 - pulls with bands (seems to move a bit less than others in this class though)
- Team AD - Doom2.4 - pulls with bands (seems to move a bit less than the others in this class though)
- Rav3n_pl DRW v3.4 - rebuilds small sections

Small movement / end game scripts:
- Precise LWS 2.0.1
- Raven_pl WalkeR v1

More suggestions/corrections would be welcome...


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