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The chat problem I'm facing now is very dire: I have been told that I need to find which client is connected to IRC as my real username, but I have absolutely no idea which client it is. I'm guessing the only way to rectify this issue is to ask the developers to kill my real username on the foldit server. There is absolutely no other way to reconnect to chat (and start downloading recipes again, as it relies on chat). Hence, I'm asking you, the developers, to kill my username on the server - so that I can start fresh.


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You should be able to kill off the account on your own. Find the IRC key located on your profile page and then in IRC use the command "/msg NickServ ghost Freywa yourirckey"

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Hi, we seem to have the same problem. Did you try
the suggested solution? If so,how did you on?

Cordially, Merf.

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Not a game bug. Solution is on wiki. Closing.


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