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Think beyond the screen shot. Become the best folder you can ever be.

1. If we had a Global Share Button that didnt score we could all learn better from each other and help advance the science of protein folding. Experienced folders could more easly show beginners how to become better folders faster, and advanced folders could better see and understand how the winning top players preform.

2. The global share button would be like the group and self share buttons, except that it would share to global (all), and would act as a non-scoring global evo, a long lasting visual referance forum of everyones shared solutions. It would not count for a score because it is a learning tool for everyone to share and learn from not a contest for points.

3. Everyone could learn more by being able to share their solutions with everyone else on global. This new greater global knowledge will soon lead to a increased understanding of the science of foldit for everyone. As a learning tool, as in the contest games, the motive for learning is the main thing so to advoid conflict between teams there well be no score given, only a better understanding of the science of folding for everone to study during and at the end of the game.

4. In the end it well lead to a greater insight into the science of foldit through increased global understanding.

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Since I haven't been playing the game all that long, I'm not 100% sure about this, but as far as I'm aware, there are the occasional Beginner Science puzzles that are specifically made available for the more experienced users, to show the newer players how to play properly. I think one of the last puzzles I saw for this purpose was only "worth" 25 points, and there were other versions of the exact same puzzle for other players (with higher point values), their availability based on each player's existing global score. Because I have not played any of these sorts of puzzles before, I cannot say whether or not the points are distributed evenly (25 points to each participant), or if it is the same as all other Science Puzzles.

Regardless, you do have a good idea, and perhaps it is something that the developers and moderators of Foldit could discuss, in order to further improve the game, and its reception.


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