Chat woes and a possible workaround

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Opened on:Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 03:44
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This case concerns the in-game chat system, which uses IRC. After the game loads, the chat boxes (all of them) keep showing "joining chat" without the client actually joining chat. This persists even after "fix group chat permissions" is clicked on the profile page.

Hence, I make a suggestion: have Foldit use an independent chat client instead of IRC like Foldit's daughter project eteRNA.


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Q1: do you use more than 1 Foldit client?
Q2: do you use external IRC program?

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That's not the point. mat747 in eteRNA chat said: "why bother with IRC when you only need to chat?" Therein lies the problem: IRC is too technical for many. I have several clients installed on several machines, and now I use the Mibbit IRC system to chat over global (under the name FreywaIRC).

What I was really pushing for was not to fix the IRC system, but rather to dump it in favour of an independent chat system, like eteRNA does. They've not been using IRC since day one and haven't seen any problems! Maybe the Foldit developers can learn from what Jeehyung Lee (jeehyung over at eteRNA) did to make a working chat system without resorting to IRC.


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Only ONE client at once can be connected to IRC.
If you kill it, next one you run will connect - not one of those already running.
If you wish to use external IRC for in-group chat better (easier) way is to create second account only for IRC.


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