"Foldit.exe is not a valid Win32 Application"

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I get the message "Foldit.exe is not a valid Win32 Application" when trying to install under WinXP (I have it running fine on my Mac).



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Have you tried re-downloading the installer, and running it again? It's possible that it may have not downloaded correctly, causing corruption.

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Thank you for your reply:

Yes, I tried downloading again and downloading on another machine and transferring the downloaded file to the WinXP machine. The downloaded file is still the same size (about 9 kb, which seems very small; the Mac version is 48 mb).

Can someone verify the correct size (and/or checksum)?



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Hey Bob. That file size (9 KB) definitely doesn't sound right. The 32-bit Windows installer for Foldit that I downloaded over a month ago, is 24.3 MB.

You might want to try downloading the installer using another web browser, or a download manager. Failing that, it could be a problem with your computer's firewall or Internet settings.

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Try direct link:
and use some download manager (ie FDM).


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