Clash Importance temporarily mis-calibrated?

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Opened on:Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 11:27
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I am using the beta preview downloaded today (2 November) and opened #475 for the first time.

I have been fiddling with Clash Importance and Wiggle Accuracy and used a few bands (<10 in total) just to get started and after 30+ minutes of this the Clash Importance has started behaving wrongly.

It seems almost as if it's mis-calibrated and instead of having a range from 0-1.0 the effective range of (approx?) 0.7-1.0 has been "stretched" to fill the whole slider. The slider is still reporting 0.0 but it is behaving as if the slider setting is just below the current configuration's equilibrium - I'm loosing 1-2 points every 5-10 seconds (approx):

This screenshot is after wiggling with the CI reporting as "0.0" for over a minute:

(erm, I think there's a problem with the screen shot too!)

When I raise the CI slider to report "1.0" I gain some points as I would expect when moving from about 0.8 to 1.0 normally.

All bands were disabled at the time this happened, when I pressed "d" to enable bands the game suddenly started to behave as I would expect it to when CI was set to zero (i.e.: huge mess!) and subsequently started behaving totally as normal again.

I had not run any recipes since opening the game. I had probably played with the Shake Accuracy slider once or twice but not right before this happened. The only slider I recall moving at the time was the CI slider itself.

I'm running on OS X 10.7 Lion if that's relevant.

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Sliders removed, but they will back... someday.


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