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Opened on:Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 09:05
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On the main webpage, where the puzzle scores are displayed, there are 4 tabs. Could the last tab "topics" be changed to "My puzzle scores". This would list "my" solist and evolver scores for all the active puzzles which "I" can play and would be similar to the puzzles list that appears in the client when clicking the 'puzzles' option. Seeing a summary in this way would be great and would save having to go through all of the puzzle pages one by one to see where the game play is up to, also saving bandwidth on the server.

It would depend upon the usefulness of the current "topics" tab. Does anyone use this frequently ? Does anyone think that this change would be worthwhile ?

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I agree - if it can't go there then perhaps on 'my page' with solo and evo scores as Steve mentioned.
It would be great if the finish dates and times could be listed a well, and even a counter, perhaps not every minute just hours - GMT is fine, although of course individual time zones would be great too. Have to open another instance of the client to see the puzzle menu.
It takes a bit of time opening and closing things when there are several puzzles running. Easy to forget about some of the longer running puzzles especially the beta ones.

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can you look into this, kxu?

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Yeah, I can look into this.


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