No Group Chat!!!!!!!!!!

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Ive had this problem for 3 days now... Whenever I connect to the game through the client it just keeps saying joining channel in my group chat. When i try to join the channel through external IRC it says that Ive been kicked by ChanServ because i dont belong there... my group has tried to invite me but that didnt work either.

When i go to the and try to fix my group permissions it says this...
Checking registration...
Failed for unknown reason.
Checking group association...
Attempt failed -- please try again in a few minutes.
The changes have been saved.

then i just tried it now and it said this:

Checking registration...
Your registration as Tythesly seems ok.
Checking group association...
Group permissions fixed.
The changes have been saved.

yet i still cannot connect to group chat..
Please help me!!!!

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Duplicate to:
Read FAQ and wiki how to use external IRC.
Most common problem is that you join secured channel b4 nickserver confirm your nick is registered and you get banned.


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