protein goes off the screen

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The protein keeps going off the screen and is tricky to get back. Can there be a button to return the protein so that its centre is in the centre of the screen and the zoom goes back to its initial value?

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press home or Q

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I think there is still an issue, because apparently not many people know about this key. Even though it is listed in the Help, people are still posting issues about it. It needs to be made more clear, or even into a tutorial.

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Adding a "center protein" button into the interface would be yet another option...

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Still a problem. I came here looking for help, and tried the Home key suggestion. It worked!!! :)

But there really needs to be an obvious way to do it. Put it in one of the menus, or a note on the edge of the screen, or SOMETHING.


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Under Action->Help there is a list of frequently used keyboard controls (shortcuts) and "Q: Recenter protein" is included. Using help should one of the first places to look for help.


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