latest update - 3 crashes since update

Case number:845829-990853
Opened by:spmm
Opened on:Sunday, October 16, 2011 - 20:26
Last modified:Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 02:51

Seem to be a lot of nerve wracking crashing and banging since the last update, client is running but 'disconnects'from in game chat and web site score not updating. Third crash. I am not ticking the new restrict bandwidth box but do minimise network timeouts. Windows 7 64, usually very stable. No other PC changes.

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sorry about this...

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i am running win 7 and the latest beta update failed to run now running main :(

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Developer Preview after update just now : Error during initialization: Your data base appears to be corrupted. Please try reinstalling the application. I am reluctant to reinstall.. heard of people losing data after reinstalling Developer Preview. Switched to main. Loaded and ran without a problem. You guys are great!!! Windows XP sp3

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My first error same as krulon's after update. Using Win7 x64 developer. Priority needs to be higher on this, I'm not going through hassle of loading main vice beta as I did with previous developer miscue. Got to many clients to even be considering that. Needs to be a checkbox to stop all updates until user decides matter is resolved and devs need to QA their updates. To many people I am training to use dev/beta but they don't know how to handle the updates, that is why checkbox is needed.

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Same error as Krulon and Hanto. Switched to "main" and foldit is functinal again after its finished updating. Switched back to "beta" and the error is repeated. I will try "beta" another time. Was looking forward to trying "symmetry" but it will need to wait.
Running Windows Vista Ultimate.

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Closed as this has been picked up in post:


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