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I've restarted the foldit client and opened 468 4 times - and have issues that do not allow play. I can freeze one section, but no others. Right clicking on a section will bring up the wheel - but clicking on an option has no response. Also, the wheel is often only half on the screen.

If I go to another puzzle from 468, then that puzzle will also have the same issues.

However - if I open the foldit client and go to a puzzle other than 468, the client reacts normally. Then I can go into 468 after that - and it reacts as it should.

Running Mac OS 10.6.8

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I will resume mi story , i tryed fold it several times and it was a very dificult download but i insisted a lot based on what i had seen at scientific american ,,, then i play fold it sober found it to be very boring, so i biochemicaly tryed a way out , i took a glass of whisky and i am listening to rolling stones endless discography, ended up high by ethanol, an exellent fuel by the way, played fold it again, now i am sure it is very boring, same feling of jesus stop that please, no way i am learning anything. the images are good but what i am doing ? i am moving parts of a molecule randomly for later to press widdit ? Let us nerds go to nonsense fun as Fisher`s shuffle chess, there i see a game sober or not: a king (you) , a kingdom (your pall soldiers), a war, it is eather crash them with a rod in their head or get killed pretty much the same way, blood ! blood !, if you die you play again. A bear can like it. Please play games that make sense, doing chemistry homework was more fun than fold it. I am sorry to inform you but as science man i must tell ya "nature is always wright".

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Just another mac thing come and gone.


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