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Goscience doesn't appear to have any active admins. We need someone to clear the channel bans asap. I'd like to use MIRC to interact with my group. Others in the group are experiencing the same issues.

Please have an admin clear this up asap. I'd like to be able to interact with my group.

Btw, I sent a message via foldit to admin http://fold.it/portal/user/1 yesterday and don't have a response. I also sent a message to Dj-P http://fold.it/portal/user/176780 the group manager that hasn't played since July.

There has to be someone that can take care of these issues. Perhaps, making a few group members admin might help?

Either way, please clear my ban asap.


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There is workaround.
All players from group have to close clients to leave channel.
Then after few moments s1 using external IRC need enter into channel (best way is to he leave as last one). He should be opped instantly as channel founder/creator.
Then only keep in mind to OP every trusted plater who is using IRC.
Not 100% that his first player will have privileges to set auto-op options.

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I have PMed a bunch of players on your team.
Once you all decide who should be the admins, let me know.

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long since resolved...


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