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If there is an official System Requirements list for Foldit, could it please be made known to the public, preferably before they download the program? It might be best if this were put on its own page, with a link below the download links themselves. Otherwise, it could be put on the FAQ page, or the Foldit Wiki (maybe even both). It is suggested to include both Minimum and Recommended system requirements.

Having a list of system requirements could help people rule out things that their computer systems may be lacking, which in turn helps to diagnose any issues with the installation and/or running of the program better (i.e. "I have the requirements, therefore the issue is very likely to be a bug in the program").

I have also made a Forum topic for this suggestion:

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This is a good suggestion, hopefully we can get to it soon.

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Thank you for replying to my suggestion. Your reply helps to boost confidence in providing feedback to Foldit.


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