Hide frozen extremeties

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Opened on:Monday, October 10, 2011 - 23:51
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This could come into play for larger proteins, and perhaps for some smaller ones as well.
It would be useful for narrowing down the problematic areas that need attention.

How you would use it is simple; once you are done working on a segment of the protein by hand, you freeze that segment and move on to the next. With the "Hide Frozen Extremeties" view-option enabled, most or all of the contiguous frozen bits on the ends would be rendered invisible, allowing the user to focus on the parts that have not yet been frozen. Thawing all segments or turning off the option would restore visibility.

The problems I can think of;
If you're using the freeze tool for another reason (a recipe perhaps), that could be problematic or confusing. Should it just be a 'hide tool' instead?
If a clash is created with an invisible piece, should the clash be shown? Should the invisible piece be shown? That could be confusing.
When the whole protein is hidden, should it all go invisible, or reappear so you can look at it?

Thought it might be useful. I know there are a few problems with the idea. Just wanted to get it out there, see what everyone thinks.

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Try hitting Shift-Q on a segment...


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