player rank is not updating in the puzzle windows

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i am playing 3 client on 462 evo. my score is updating correctly but the player ranks are way off. one client ranks me as 8th, another a 5th, and the last at 4th. this has lasted a long time without updateing the other players scores, over 2 hr. ?

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this make for a problem because i don't know how many points i really need to gain the lead. a lot depends on how i play the game and what scripts i uses. so not knowing how far ahead the next player is makes it harder to win. :)

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this. I am confident in real life more then 8 people have taken a crack at 465 but there I appear to be rank #1 of a very short list.... the website shows something more realistic.

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If this is a problem, shouldn't it be marked as a Bug?
Having this problem marked as a Suggestion may take the game developers longer to address it.

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We are looking into this as it is probably related to the recent bandwidth fixes.
Thanks for reporting the problem.

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It was noticeable when playing 462, just before it expired earlier today, that not only were scores not being updated in the onscreen windows but it was also taking much longer than previously for scores to be registered on the website - which is where it really counts.
I assume this is also due to the bandwidth changes but it could be a real problem in the event of a close finish.

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I've posted another update that adds a 'Reduce network bandwidth' option to the general options menu. The game should use less bandwidth overall than before, but checking this box will cause it to use even less, at the cost of less frequent updates of information.

Rankings should be up to date if the option is not checked.


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