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Currently, I find that the interface of fold it is really crowded and confusing.

The icons are not always understandable (same icon for different actions) things are spread nearly everywhere (all the corners plus the central parts of the top and the bottom.

This interface has rather unwanted consequences on the usability of the game. We often finish with a bunch of windows open and a lot of clicks.

I tried to create a redesign of the foldit I would want with more readable icons and a cleaner interface (according to my tastes).

The undo menu would be expandable with a click on the grey part. The icons on the left parts are for undo Graphical Settings and Tracks, on the right part, from upper left to lower right: undo,redo, undo to very best, undo to best credited, undo to recent best and set recent best. Clear is missing but can be added on the left.

The behavior menu would always be present and visible in the bottom right corner.

On the top right corner, there is our own score, our group score (on the left of "score"). On top of our score, there is the score of the player with our rank-1 and the best score for this puzzle as well as the deadline.

Would you be interested by the set of icons I created or not ?

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Nice Work

I don't really have an issue with the current UI, but that is a very nice mock-up. If I had to pick one over the other I would use yours. Great job on the icons.

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I also think that looks really cool... but

please read this post about what we are currently able to implement in Foldit:


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