Foldit on OnLive?

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Opened by:shaun.hansel
Opened on:Friday, October 7, 2011 - 20:47
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OnLive, if you aren't aware, is a cloud gaming service that runs game executables in the cloud, allowing most any device the ability to play the most demanding games, regardless of local hardware or operating system.

I would like to suggest the foldit team look into having foldit hosted on OnLive. I foresee few technical difficulties, and such a partnership would only benefit all parties involved. Since most foldit users are likely biology, science, or puzzle geeks, getting the game on OnLive would present it to a wider audience. Foldit is the perfect sort of game for OnLive as well; requiring few twitch-reflex movements, the imperceptible lag with OnLive would be of no concern.

I really feel that a partnership between OnLive and Foldit would be a perfect match, and I'd love to see two such revolutionary ideas come together.

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It may be good idea for ppl that have good connection and bad hardware... if any like that are there :P
On my connection OnLive is unplayable (too jumpy).


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