Ideas for more protein puzzles

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Dear Foldit Team;

Here are some of my ideas for new protein puzzles

-Quest to the native: Hexokinaise(Did i spell that right?). Hexokinaise is used in the glycolysis segment of Cell Respiration
-Quest to the native: ATP Synthase. Another integral part of Cell Respiration. Makes ATP, you can even include that in the puzzle
-Quest to the native: Coenzyme A. Used in the Krebs Cycle of Cell Respiration to make Citric Acid.
-Do whatever you want with the following Proteins:
:Integrated Cell-Membrane Protein Channels (Used in Active Transport)
:One Giant segment of DNA
:Something including a LIGAND
:Do some research on the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, might find something
I will have more ideas coming soon.


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