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I dont understand why I cant drag segments to where I want, when the rebuild tool can do it, only it is doing it randomly.
It would be usefeul to be able to connect rubber bands to any point in space.
Unfolding knots is very hard.

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you can drag a rubber band from one end of the protein to any point in space.

An example is shown in a video here:
with more details in the wiki:

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Hi Piton

The tutorials are a valuable resource of information, and help to show you how tools can, and do work. It's definitely worth making sure you complete all of them, to start to gain an understanding of just how this game works.

Some of the thousands of players who've discovered FoldClub, have stuck around for 3 years or more, because it is just so addictive... Try to stick around a little more, and find out for yourself what works and what doesnt, discover the rules by exploring yourself. It'll be worth it.


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Somehow I was led to beleive that I completed all the tutorial levels, now I see more of them. Thanks, they are giving enough info on moving things.


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