At least one unsolved protein should be up at all times

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Opened on:Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 05:21
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I have just found out that some of the puzzles are actually solved proteins, like puzzle 461 (the freestyle puzzle). The link that helped me to observe this is here:

Using tlaloc's get_aa recipe ( and this website, I was able to find out that puzzle 461 is just a trimmed version of the protein with PDB number 2L3B:

The puzzle description for 461 says "try as many different topologies as you can", but since there is a solved structure for 2L3B, this raises the possibility that some folders might cheat and use such PDB-referencing tools to get a near-optimal structure without actually expending effort. Hence the suggestion: at least one unsolved protein should be up at all times. Since they are not solved, they are not in the PDB and thus cannot be "hacked" on by folders, which means more excitement in solving the puzzle.

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We normally have at least one unsolved protein up at all times, but in this case it was a question of not wanting to waste these unsolved cases when so many new players are still learning the ropes to protein folding & our foldit pros are busy teaching new players and don't have as much time to fold

hopefully now that things are slowly getting back to normal we can go back to our regular schedule


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