UI too distracting with useless information. UI not showing enough useful information.

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Opened by:klaus thorn
Opened on:Monday, October 3, 2011 - 07:47
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I quit foldit at the "Close the Gap tutorial" because your user interface is too annoying for me:

- I clicked "OK" over a 100 times at "remember to avoid clashes...".
Suggestion: For each individual guide message, make a "|X| Show me again" checkbox.

- when I rotate elemts I cannot see how much space they occupy or how much space is left.
The red spheres and spike-balls are very rough indicators not showing the shape of the problem.
Suggestion: show cubes/hexagons/tetris-shapes/irregualar-shapes of space that are more opaque,
so that players can see where they may insert how much and which shape (by rotating etc.).

- I cannot see which rotation options I have on each element in advance,
I have to try them through again and again.
(This is about: elements that (currently) only have a few possible rotated positions.)
Even if I know them by heart I have to try whether they are possible currently due to lack of space.
Suggestion: 1) Show the number of rotation endpoints of each element when clicked on or mouseover
2) show all variants at at the same time as half-transparent, half opaque clones of the element; when element is clicked on but not moved for a while.
3) show elements that cannot be rotated (currently due to lack of space) in another color,
texture, etc..
4) show which joint may be rotated to which positions individually. Show hint if depending on other joint.

- for elements that do not have only a few rotation positions but a range
(like the angle between backbone and the rest) it is also tedious to try out
all the range or angles that are possible.
Suggestion: show which angles are possible in form of a curve (1-dimensional)
or partial sphere surface (2 dimensional).

- The "Continue Guide" message at the upper right hand corner only has an "OK" button
but no option to be closed.
Suggestion: also add some "stop guide for this level"

- The 2D UI elements phase away and back in every few seconds, further distracting the user.
Suggestion: 1. add option "auto phase UI" that may be turned off by users (or better: on).
2. "phase out" button that only leaves a tiny "phase back in" button
but hides the UI without automatic phase back in.

- by the way, there is no UI in the "Topic" selection.
Suggestion: create a topic "UI"

- the bar that represents the minimized global chat window seems to flash now and then in red
(when posts appear?). As with each and every distracting element:
make it optional, so that users are able to concentrate.

(yes I know, too much issues in one, but this is all the time you'll get from me, I'm not spending hours writing all of them individually. Take it or leave it :-)

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In those you are only learning the tools used in the game.

The messages are the instructions on how to use the tools and what each puzzle wants you to learn, hence why they are there.

100 times? ...wow

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I agree, I have found all these problems to be annoying and poorly implemented.

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I agree - with the comment "the bar that represents the minimized global chat window seems to flash now and then in red(when posts appear?)"

I could 'do' foldit using a second client so the flashing red global chat bar was not distracting in my peripheral vision; but then I would not be able to participate in group chat or share pics. I have global chat set to not autoshow and I would prefer the global chat 'bar' not to flash red when it is closed; currently I leave it open which takes up space

not a high priority however

Also agree that in many of the tutorial puzzles the guides were appearing right where I needed to look and interact and could not be moved, but I have a widescreen monitor.


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