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Opened on:Monday, October 3, 2011 - 06:44
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The title of this suggestion is fairly self explanatory. In addition to the "Cookbook", there could be a "Cooking Roster" that allows users to schedule recipes to run without user interaction. The user selects which recipe to run, and in which order, and the roster would run one recipe right after another. Specific recipes could be run multiple times using the roster.

The roster should include a "Resign" or "Stop" button, to allow users to manually stop the roster at any time. It is suggested that cancelling a particular recipe using the standard recipe "Cancel" button, while other recipes are yet to run, would simply tell Foldit to continue running the rest of the roster, just as the standard "Stop" button allows a particular recipe to continue without running a particular step.

The disadvantage to this suggestion, is that recipes added to the roster that require user interaction (i.e. requests a value or set of values, or asks the user to make segment selections) would likely prevent other recipes from running, thereafter. Provided that any one such recipe is added to the very end of the roster, it would not cause this problem.

Extensions to this suggestion:

  • A "Pause" and "Continue" button (both in the one), to pause the roster, without stopping and resetting it to commence from the beginning.
  • An alarm command that can be inserted between recipes, or at the very end of the roster, which causes a sound to play after a particular recipe in the roster finishes. This could then allow the user to decide whether or not the roster should continue running, based upon the protein's progress.
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An excellent addition to the ability to chain scripts. Pause has been on many wishlists, in order to
1) Allow for sharing a protein
2) Allow for a snapshot to be taken
3) Allow the computer to perform some more critical real-world tasks (!)
without interrupting the current long-term scripts.

Two thoughts on the alarm:
1) Perhaps it could take the form beep(n), where n determines the number of beeps, repeated at 1-2 second intervals. A value of 0 would mean beep forever.

2) In order to be handicapped friendly, the beep should also have a visual component -- perhaps a screen flash. If folks find this irritating, it might be tied to a View option.

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OK, so just to elaborate on the alarm, there should be two versions; one script function (let's use ptfrog's "beep(n)" as an example) for script writers to use, and one "Insert Alarm" button for Folders to use on the Cookbook/recipe interface, between recipes. There should be an option in the "General Options" menu for allowing Folders to switch on/off the availability of the script writer's alarm, as a form of override, in case they do not want to hear it, but still want to use other game sounds and/or music.

An extension to the alarm idea, would be to allow Folders to choose specifically the sound file used for each alarm (two separate files, one for each - but a Folder could set both to use just one file). This would ideally appear in the same "General Options" menu.


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