Forward messages to other players?

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I received a message here from a new user that should have gone directly to the game developers. There is no way to send a message on to another user without copying the entire message and pasting it into a new message, addressed to the other user.

Is there any good reason why the messaging system here can't have a "forward" function in addition to its "reply" function?

And while we're at it, why not a "BCC:" option as well?

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Bump. I still want this, but can live without it.

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I will look into if drupal supports these sorts of things

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Assigning to myself

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The forward feature seems to have been added to Drupal 7, the BCC feature is a patch for Drupal 7 that hasn't yet been added. If/when we upgrade to Drupal 7 we will get these features.

The forward feature:
The BCC Feature:


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