Show Guide setting not remembered on restart

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Most View settings are saved between sessions but "Show Guide" always starts checked.

ps Fold.It is really cool!

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I quit foldit at the "Close the Gap tutorial" because your user interface is too annoying for me:

- I clicked "OK" over a 100 times at "remember to avoid clashes...".
Suggestion: For each individual guide message, make a "|X| Show me again" checkbox.

- when I rotate elemts I cannot see how much space they occupy or how much space is left.
The red spheres and spike-balls are very rough indicators not showing the shape of the problem.
Suggestion: show cubes/hexagons/tetris-shapes/irregualar-shapes of space that are more opaque,
so that players can see where they may insert how much and which shape (by rotating etc.).

- I cannot see which rotation options I have on each element in advance,
I have to try them through again and again.
(This is about: elements that (currently) only have a few possible rotated positions.)
Even if I know them by heart I have to try whether they are possible currently due to lack of space.
Suggestion: 1) Show the number of rotation endpoints of each element when clicked on or mouseover
2) show them half-transparent, half opaque, when element is clicked on but not moved for a while.
3) show elements that cannot be rotated (currently due to lack of space) in another color,
texture, etc..

- for elements that do not have only a few rotation positions but a range
(like the angle between backbone and the rest) it is also tedious to try out
all the range or angles that are possible.
Suggestion: show which angles are possible in form of a curve (1-dimensional)
or partial sphere surface (2 dimensional).

- The "Continue Guide" message at the upper right hand corner only has an "OK" button
but no option to be closed.
Suggestion: also add some "stop guide for this level"

- The 2D UI elements phase away and back in every few seconds, further distracting the user.
Suggestion: 1. add option "auto phase UI" that may be turned off by users (or better: on).
2. "phase out" button that only leaves a tiny "phase back in" button
but hides the UI without automatic phase back in.

- by the way, there is no UI in the "Topic" selection.
Suggestion: create a topic "UI"

- the bar that represents the minimized global chat window seems to flash now and then in red
(when posts appear?). As with each and every distracting element:
make it optional, so that users are able to concentrate.

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sorry. I thought I clicked on something like "writing a new comemnt about the game" but instead it was "write a comment to one posted issue".

(speaking of misleading user interfaces :-)

Can't delete it, it seems.

(would be a usefull UI feature to "improve" my user geenrated content. Don't complain about the post if you don't allow me to correct my mistake :-).


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