Change band length dialog box obstructs view

Case number:699969-990643
Opened by:pcappadocia
Opened on:Friday, September 30, 2011 - 14:47
Last modified:Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 18:01

Current behaviour:
1. When changing band length, the screen fades slightly and a dialog box appears in the middle of the screen.
2. The dialog box is fixed in position.
3. When changing the band length using the slider, a visual representation of the changing length is reflected in the model in real time.

Current problem:
1. The dialog box location obstructs the model (see pt. 1)
2. The visual cue for "sizing" the length of a band (see pt. 3) is also obstructed.

Result of Current problem:
1. The control benefit of 'sizing' a band using real visual cues in real time is reduced, periodically resulting in additional attempts to get it 'just right' as per intuition or preference.
2. The focus of the work is periodically shifted from 'sizing' the band (the intention) to 'looking through' the dialog box or closing the dialog box, checking the length, and reopening for a 'just right' adjustment (administrative overhead). Thus loss of focus.

Intuitive GUI Expression:
If you're going to go through the bother of giving a user a visual cue in real time, don't obstruct it with some other visual artifact.

Proposed Solution:
1. Make the band strength/length dialog box movable.

Expected difficulty to change:
Very Low.

Expected outcome for solution:
1. A user can move the dialog box aside, "size" up the band once (without obstruction), and then close the dialog box.
2. No loss of focus from intentions to administrative tasks.
3. Increased productivity.

Dialog box in the middle:

Dialog box on the side:

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Surely an even better solution would be the ability to manually move the dialog box? After all, even if you move the dialog box into a corner, there is still a chance that it could be blocking the protein...

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Generally speaking, when talking about dialog boxes ....

"Proposed Solution:
1. Make the band strength/length dialog box movable."

...means exactly that.


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Agree with this.

It has been brought up before ...July 6, 2009...., and it drives me mad - it's such a simple change to the programme.


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Bumping up the feedback list for the dev chat on 8th Feb - very simple to implement, very annoying to deal with as a player


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