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I read that you need to be connected to chat to properly receive recipes through the website (is this true?). I'm having some trouble connecting to Chat - Global (or Puzzle for that matter) through the client. It just hangs at connecting... indefinitely. I also tried to connect manually using mIRC and the server responds "-hamster- Erroneous nickname" and then disconnects. Any suggestions as to what am I doing wrong here?

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I just had a similar issue,

I just had a similar issue, Turned out I was using a program called Peerblock which was blocking the IP's needed. Could also be a router/firewall issue. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply. There

Thanks for the reply. There is no local firewall preventing the connection. In fact, I can connect to other IRC servers just fine. I'm on a university connection, so I wouldn't anticipate any router issues.

The problem seems to be that the IRC server doesn't recognize my username. I tried changing my nick to another user's just to see what would happen. The server gives a completely different response: "nickname already in use." It is like my registration has not been synced with the IRC server. Is there anybody associated with the project who can help me resolve this? Again, thanks for any help!

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Hah...I think I just figured

Hah...I think I just figured it out.
I foolishly chose the fold.it username -hamster- since my usual hamster was taken already.
*IRC does not allow a nickname to start with the '-' character!* So, to overcome this problem, I think I need to change my username to start with an allowable character. Since fold.it relies on IRC to some degree, seems like registration should make usernames conform to IRC standards.


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