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New Player Puzzle 2: Scorpion Toxin
Status: Closed


Name: New Player Puzzle 2: Scorpion Toxin
Status: Closed
Created: 09/28/2011
Points: 25
Expired: 10/05/2011 - 23:59
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This version of the puzzle is designed for veteran players, so that they can help new players; therefore it is only worth 25 global points.

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Joined: 06/17/2010
Cys bonds

We have 4 cys there, I have all them together and no bonding?
Noone predicted? ;]

Joined: 05/09/2008
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we know that you can't form cys bonds

We thought we had it fixed, but this bug is the same reason we had to take down "Beginner Puzzle: Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein" as soon as it went up yesterday.

Once we fix the problem, we'll post the Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein, which has Cys bonds in the native, and you should be able to match the guide by forming disulfide bonds.

But for this puzzle, no cys bonds for you!

Joined: 08/22/2010
Groups: None
How can someone join this puzzle?

Please, How can I join this puzzle?
The Status shows as Active, but I can't seem to find any 'smartlogin' or 'addcontestant' link in this page...
Thank you in advance!

Joined: 05/09/2008
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if you are new to Foldit, here are detailed instructions to get you started:

Joined: 05/18/2008
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native here
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