Solution to increase performance and accuracy for players.

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I believe if you could number the protein sections “section is every part that highlights individually, not 'Hydrophobics and Hydrophilics'” and create a way to highlight individual sections. When the sections are highlighted it will use the number system ‘Click 1 would react to click 2, click 3 reacts to click 4 ext…’ When you hit finished on this recipe the system will try to align 1 &2, 3 & 4, ext… this will give greater accuracy for the players, faster finishing times, and most likely each player would have equal opportunity to organize the puzzle according to their wishes. I know I have issues with aligning the protein the way I want it to align. I’ve asked other players some are the top players you currently have they also agree that this tool would be a great asset to their arsenal.

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Oh, like the interface in Command and Conquer! :D Brilliant crossover!

In Command and Conquer, for those who don't "play games", you can select any number of individual troop units, and with them selected, order them to move or attack any position, structure, or enemy on the map. However, it is not always convenient to scroll across the map and highlight X number of people all the time, so an ingenious solution was devised.

You can press Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9 to define a squadron of units, and then pressing 1 through 9 will re-select that squadron. Squadrons can also share the same units; sometimes you want tanks and infantry, other times, infantry and flamethrowers, etc, etc.


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