Recipes Do Not Download Into Client

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I don't know if it's just me, but it appears that recipes will not download for me. What I did:
1. Clicked on folder icon in Cookbook pullout
2. Chose recipe to download - in this case, GA Bands 2.6 by Rav3n_pl
3. Clicked "Add to Cookbook!"
4. Checked Cookbook list
Result: No GA Bands 2.6 in list!

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you need to have your game client logged on and be logged into the website for recipe downloads to work

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Hmmmm... Strange, I just tried again and it didn't work. I was logged in on both places (in fact, I am writing this just after trying!).

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Is the in-game Global chat working in your client? That's required to get the downloaded recipes.

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No, my chat doesn't work. :( It just reads "Joining chat..." and doesn't load.

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Maybe is has something to do with firewall ports?

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dont take same nick in external chat and foldit

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Have you tried using an external IRC client (mIRC, IceChat, etc.) to connect to the chat? IF that works, then your firewall is passing IRC traffic, and you just need to figure out why the in-game chat isn't working. Like Marie Suchard mentioned, you can't be logged into external chat before opening the client.

If that doesn't work, then you need to figure out why IRC traffic is being blocked.

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I am having the same problem: (1) can't logon to IRC in the client (I can connect using an external IRC client fine), and (2) can't get any recipes into client.

Looking at my log file, it seems like the client IRC routine is returning a "LIBIRC_ERR_NOMEM" error:
"BOINC says connect to:
Using nick: oOhamsterOo
Ended Initialization of NoviceGame
Entering IRC::run
SRVR_THRD finished solution data upload. took 0.701205 seconds.
SRVR_THRD sending: 289246 990611 group_score
SRVR_THRD sending: 289246 990611 score
SRVR_THRD getting notifications...
SRVR_THRD sending play event log...
IRC::run error, code = LIBIRC_ERR_NOMEM
Exiting IRC::run"

Maybe this information could sort out what is going on?

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Now that I realize it, my IRC is screwed up. I have tried repeatedly to fix the settings in my profile, but it always redirs to a blank page, and when I visit again, it tells me group verification failed. Weird...

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I went into Windows Firewall and made an exception for Foldit. Still no progress. I also went into Edit Profile and checked "Fix IRC Group Chat Permissions." After clicking "Update," the webpage appears to load but becomes blank. Returning to the Foldit website returns the following error:

* Checking registration...
* Failed for unknown reason.
* Checking group association...
* Attempt failed -- please try again in a few minutes.
* The changes have been saved.

Is the website messing up? Please help.

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1. close all external irc programs (if any)
2. shutdown all instances of foldit client
3. run website and log in
4. run client, login and load puzzle
5. check that internal chat is working
6. load recipe/s

You can only load recipes to ONE instance of foldit client, this one which is connected to chat.
If you want use external irc program make separate account for irc only.

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When I have multiple clients running. Only the client with chat working gets the download.
Each client I run is in a separate folder, Foldit, Foldit2, Foldit3, and Foldit4.
If I use a client in which the chat does not work AND use the in game button to launch my browser, then log on, and select a recipe it will only be found in the client with chat.

Now, I have different Cook Books in each game folder. Rather than try and hack the macros.all file I closed all clients but the chat client and downloaded all scripts I wanted then copy/paste the macros.all to the other folders. Not a fun exercise.

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The problem, though, is that internal chat isn't working. I looked in the log and found this:
Entering IRC::run

IRC::run error, code = 5, desc = Remote connection closed
Exiting IRC::run

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Looks like you cant connect to IRC server somehow. Check your router/firewall or try use proxy on login screen.

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I don't have a proxy server though. :(
I tried to get Foldit to run through Paros Proxy so that I could see the traffic going through, but there is some kind of error.

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BTW, I'm using only one client. My profile does not show any sort of IRC key on it.

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This glitch is really putting me at a disadvantage. Could my antivirus/firewall be the problem? I'm running avast free and Windows Firewall. I told my antivirus to ignore and the IRC chat server IP, and I made an exception in Windows Firewall for Foldit, but the IRC and recipes are still not working. :(

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Could this have something to do with the website or IRC server? I was looking at the other cases where users were banned from the group chat. However, in those cases, global chat still works.

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Updating case info...

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If your ingame chat is not working it is some trouble on your side.
Only way to get recipes is to use s1 from your group to load recipe and use some pad software to copy/paste it for you.

Maybe way to load recipe w/o using IRC module would be nice (ie kind of internal recipe browser/downloader?)

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As far as I can tell, the command to start downloading a recipe is sent as a private IRC message/notify to your client. The game then downloads the recipe from the game server, which is a different connection. You don't have to be in global chat, but you DO need to be connected to the IRC server to get the message. Being able to chat in global is just an indicator that your IRC connection is working. If you can't get IRC working, you'll never be able to download recipes.

Try it from another computer on another network, at home or at a coffee shop, download a whole bunch of recipes (no folding on the free wifi :) ), then copy the all.macro file over to the computer you usually do your folding on.

I suspect it's set up this way because you actually have 3 servers and the client send a button click to the web server, the web server is logged into the IRC server as a user, it sends a message to your client, which then asks the game server to send you the recipe, over the same connection that records your high score and shared solutions. IRC is a convenient way to send text commands over the internet.

You're asking for changes to the game server, client, and web server, so...probably not going to happen. Try a TOR tunnel?

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Unable to download recipe on main track after server disconnection, neither from the site, neither manually from the client.

Here is the way to reproduce this bug:

1) Server disconnection of main track in IRC (for example after disconnecting and reconnecting internet)
2) "Reconnect". OK I can chat
3) Push on the blue window in order to "manually" download a recipe: the fold it site opens on recipes (this is normal for main client)
4) Select a recipe and push on the button "Add to cookbook!"

It does not work.

It's still possible to download manually on secondary clients (but these will disappear from cooking book after restart).

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It is possible because of IRC.
If connection is drop on your side IRC server keep your nick "alive" for some time (few minutes).
If you reconnect earlier it prevents you from taking your nick and you can not load recipes because of that.
Client should reconnect using "ghost" command to notify IRC server that nick should be freed.
As I described and I`m not sure it is fully implemented if troubles still happen.

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I run foldit from a University where IRC is completely blocked, yet I am still able to download recipes to multiple clients. I find out the recipe node (number) from the web and enter it when prompted into the client (Download Manually--Recipe ID).

As long as I only have one client open and exit it after downloading the script, it remains in the all.macro file and is accessible from then on to all clients.

I've been doing this for 2.5 years with no problem. This is using tracks, multiple clients and only one foldit installation per computer.

I understand this has nothing to do with fixing the IRC problem, but I wanted to clear up any confusion about the recipe download process when IRC is not available.

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Hi All those having trouble with Recipe download - you have to be logged into the Foldit Site (bottom right hand corner of the screen) i thought because i was logged into the game and had the Foldit portal open it would auto log me in
:) Once you log in go back to the Recipes and download


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