Down-voting, Y u no say why? Y so srs? U mad bro? Cool story.

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Opened by:Ayelis
Opened on:Monday, September 26, 2011 - 16:09
Last modified:Monday, September 26, 2011 - 20:26

If you down-vote a suggestion or bug in the feedback section, you should be REQUIRED to post a reply, before the down-vote is processed (or before down-voting is enabled at all). I consider this a bug for the reason that it is like walking up to someone on the street and punching them in the face, when you could have high-fived them instead.

It should also specify, perhaps by coloring the background of said reply (or every reply of that poster in response to that topic) in some light red color, that you down-voted the OP.

PS: Everyone who down-votes this topic did not post a reply as to why they down-voted it, unless they specified otherwise in their reply. Isn't that sad? You'll never know why they were so upset with this bug.

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Down with the down-vote trolling! Down with the feedbacks with 1+ down-votes and 0 responses!

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Im down voting this because I think the suggestion is pointless.:)


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Consider me as happy with your reply as there are down-votes to my original post, minus how many people replied saying why they down-voted it.

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Reason 1) Down-voting, Y u no say why? Y so srs? U mad bro? Cool story.
Reason 2) It's not a bug
Reason 3) It's not high priority
Reason 4) The Devs have better things to do with their time
Reason 5) I have better things to do with my time than to reply to things like this, -1 is so much easier

Happy voting

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I will down vote this due to poor grammar and the amount of sarcasm.


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"Poor Grammar"; as in the Title? Yeah. Look up a thing called "memes" the next time you are on the internet. Intentional. Also, if you're familiar with memes, this series of memes sums up the way I feel about each and every down-vote in the entirety of the feedback forum, minus this thread (which is where I've seen the highest ratio of reasons-to-down-votes in existence).

The bottom line:
You shouldn't have to beg for people to tell you what's wrong with your post.

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I think this thread needs to go away, and the OP needs to get a thicker skin, or just grow up.

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The OP thinks you need to grow up. And learn some manners.

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Thicker skin? I'm white-knighting here, for every single person who has ever posted a problem with their client, or their installation, and instead of help, all they got was a single or multiple down-votes. To heck with that! If I ever have a problem, I want to know that someone is at least going to SAY something when they down-vote me.

If you don't speak up for those less fortunate, who will be left to speak up for you when you are in their position?

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Oh, sweet, they fixed it.


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