better depth/3D visualization cues?

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I've found foldit fun, but struggled (particularly as the puzzles became more complex) with perception of the structures.

I think it might have to do with the lack of hints/depth cues. It also feels like the game makes poor use of texture features and antialiasing, something even low-end cards these days can do handily (though a manual or GUI configuration of such features would be welcome for those who have older cards and so on.)

A little more attention to visuals, like light shadowing, might go a long way?

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Great idea! There are a lot of features in View, but there could be so much more. How about an adjustable 'fog' slider setting, which affects your view-distance? I notice there is *some* fog in-game but maybe not enough?

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Actually the fog can be adjusted. It's been a feature for a while, I just don't think its documented anywhere yet. You can ctrl+shift click and drag up or down on the background to change the fog distance.

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Actually it is documented in the German wiki: (default interface) (selection interface)
Maybe someone could use this pages as templates for the English wiki?


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