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Opened on:Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 18:20
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On the http://fold.it/ main page, the "puzzles" link doesn't work; rather, it goes back to the main page instead. The link would work normally, though, if one tries to access it via http://fold.it/portal instead. Is this due to an issue with the server cache, or are there two copies of the main page being used (with one being outdated)?

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IF you are logged in on the fold.it site, isn't the .../portal page the home page?

This problem only seems to exist if you aren't logged in.

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True, but having duplicate versions of the home page will still confuse people.


Similar issues also apply to the "Contest" link (goes back to the main page) and the "Forum" link (goes to http://fold.it/portal/forum instead of http://fold.it/portal/forum/5 ) on http://fold.it/ -- would it be possible to have http://fold.it/ simply redirect to http://fold.it/portal/ ?

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This has been fixed, thanks for reporting this!


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