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It feels as if it is trying to prevent clashes as I pull. This makes it much harder to shape the protein how I want. I remember trying to pull a loop to a different location and all it did was sort of twitch and wriggle in place. I ended up having to pull at a somewhat oblique angle away from the protein and then pull it back in to get it where I wanted. When I am using the pull tool, I don't care about clashes.

Also, why is the spam filter so picky? This is not spam. I gave the captcha code. Why didn't it ask for the captcha code in the first place? Is this because of my high activity over a short period of time? This spam filter isn't very good.

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Use clashing and freeze tools.

Do you do all tutorials? ;]

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The Pulling Tool

I find the pulling to be at first unresponsive than all of a sudden it moves
and goes to far.
I would like to see smaller movement more early. Give more control on movement
of the protein with the mouse.

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that can sometimes

have a lot to do with your computer ( how much "grunt" it has) and also your internet connection.


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